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Cars, Boats, Planes 

We at the Freedman Law Office have extensive experience with DUIs. Regardless of your BAC results, whether you had a collision, or if the cops marked you off as less than cooperative, there are few circumstances relating to DUI that we have not seen. We know how to negotiate your case, and if the case should reach a jury trial, we pull no punches.


Being charged with a crime, regardless of the severity, takes a toll on you and your loved ones. We're here to help. Call today for a free 30-minute consultation.

Felonies, Gross Misdemeanors, Misdemeanors


Protection Orders have quick deadlines and can have lasting consequences. We can assist in meeting those deadlines and can argue on your behalf, whether you are in need of protection or if you feel that the allegations against you are unfair or untrue.

Anti-Harassment, No-Contact, Temporary, Permanent


Speeding Tickets, Equipment Violations, CDL

Although infractions do not have the possibility of a jail sentence, they can wreck havoc on your insurance premiums and can be costly, especially if you have a Commercial Driver's License. We can assist in getting you a fine reduction, an amendment to a non-moving violation, or even an outright dismissal.

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