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At the Freedman Law Office, we're all about getting the best results for our clients and fighting for the best possible outcome. But don't just take our word for it. Here's what our clients have to say!

"From my first phone call with Sarah Freedman I knew she was the lawyer for me, she is very understanding and willing to do anything for her clients! Definitely knows what she’s doing in a court room and I’d recommend her to anybody!"

"Sarah helped keep me calm and prepared for all of my court dates and was very good at keeping me up to date with everything that was going on. She picked up the phone immediately anytime I had a question or to just check in. Very easy to talk to as well, and very professional in court. We were able to lower my charges to the best of our abilities and honestly I got the best imaginable outcome with court. Highly recommend!!!"

"Sarah Freedman is a lawyer of exceptional ability. Her confidence is infectious and not without justification. She has an impressive winning track record. The moment Sarah took my case things got done, assistance was given, many questions happily answered, people got calls, evidence was swiftly collected, and my case was made to disappear without even going to court. My tormentors experienced Sarah Freedman’s forceful advocacy on my behalf and immediately rescinded their false charges against me. 
I enthusiastically recommend you call Sarah if you’re ever in need of legal assistance."

"Sarah Freedman was the third lawyer we retained to help us with a complicated civil dispute that had been going on for more than a year. The dispute had already required two court appearances. Up until the time Sarah came on board, the opposing party had pretty much had their way with us in the courtroom. Once Sarah took our case, our seemingly intractable problem was quickly brought to a resolution. I was extremely impressed with Sarah’s knowledge of the law, her trial experience, her presence in the courtroom, and her ability to devise a strategy to present your case to a judge. In addition to her legal ability, Sarah is highly professional in her engagement with you as a client. She really listens to you and takes your view of the situation seriously. She explains what she plans to do, in terms a layperson can easily understand. When you contact her by phone, text or e-mail, she gets back to you immediately. I’m sure she has many clients, but when we needed her, she made us her top priority. If you need good legal representation, you can’t do better than Sarah Freedman."

"I’m so glad I had the pleasure to meet Sarah Freedman. She is an amazing lawyer and I don't know what my daughter would have done without her, highly recommended."

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